Tooth whitening is a popular procedure to make teeth whiter and brighter, and therefore more attractive. Bleaching can be used to whitening stained and discolored teeth, or simply to enhance a dull smile. Either way, tooth whitening is a safe and relatively painless procedure ideal for most patients. Our office offers two methods of whitening: in-office whitening and an in-home whitening kit.

In-office whitening is an ideal procedure for anyone wanting immediate results. Because the entire procedure takes place in our office in about an hour, it is the perfect choice for busy individuals. In this process, a protective gel is applied to your gums to protect the soft tissue. A special light-activated gel is then applied to your teeth and a special light or laser is used to enhance the action of the agent. Finally, we take impressions of your teeth to create custom trays for at home touch-up, and give you instructions for keeping your smile bright. The result is dramatically whiter teeth that will last for years.

Our in-home whitening kit is called Tres White. Tres White is a safe and effective tooth whitening system for people who have healthy, un-restored teeth and would like a brighter, white smile. Tres White’s thin membrane tray is pre-loaded with two distinct gels: 1. a 10% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel for whitening teeth 2. a gingival barrier gel (pre-loaded along the gingival margin) for protecting the soft tissues. The two gels work together to provide the most innovative whitening process available. Treswhite is so thin, clear and pliable, it can be worn without anyone knowing it’s there.